New Construction Waterproofing

Waterproofing before it’s finished being built!

New Construction Waterproofing

Before the home is fully built, make sure you get all your waterproofing done first so you don’t have to do it later

The most effective and cost-effective strategy to avoid foundation leaks is to waterproof your home while it is being built. The foundation of your home is made of poured concrete, which is a porous substance that can absorb water. Water can seep through the concrete if it isn’t properly protected, resulting in foundation fractures and a flooded basement.  Waterproofing your home while it is being built is one of the best expenditures you can make in a newly built home. Aquatech’s professional-grade waterproofing solutions are the best approach to protect your basement, crawl space, and foundation from water damage before it becomes an expensive problem.

We can waterproof your structures while you’re still building them. We’ve worked with a variety of contractors, both large and small, to provide waterproofing for residential and commercial structures that are still being built. Before dirt and/or concrete seal away the foundation walls and footings, now is the best time to apply waterproofing solutions.

Why do Construction Companies and Contractors hire Aquatech for the job?

Our staff is ready to assist you if you’re a home builder who wants to deliver quality, dependable new construction foundation waterproofing to all of your house purchasers. If you’re purchasing a new house and the builder doesn’t include foundation waterproofing, we can help you figure out what your best alternatives are based on the kind and design of your foundation. Waterproofing the foundation helps to keep homes from getting mouldy and musty, as well as preventing damage from water penetrating the foundation. The reputations of builders must be safeguarded. Incorporating foundation waterproofing services into new construction not only protects the property, but it also protects your reputation as a reputable builder.

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