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We are, first and foremost, expert waterproofers that provide the greatest residential waterproofing services in Toronto and the surrounding region, employing the best waterproofing techniques available. We have waterproofing crews stationed all over and provide experienced waterproofing services; more significantly, equipped with the skills and expertise needed to handle basement leaks, foundation concerns, and water management methods.

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Water is a tricky it moves in the direction of least resistance. That’s why Aquatech is well-versed with all the different techniques for stopping water from ruining your basement. For many years, we’ve been keeping it from entering basements and crawlspaces, as well as preventing it from returning. We can provide waterproofing outside or inside your home and even strengthen your home. Allow one of our skilled professionals to assist you with your basement leak issues.

Exterior Waterproofing your basement walls is a crucial step in basement leaks and foundation issues from arising later on. It will also prevent water damage, mould, mildew, and most importantly, water floods from occurring inside your home. Water entering your home through your foundation can cause major structural damage and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs that might have been prevented.

Internal basement waterproofing, also known as interior waterproofing, is completed entirely from the inside of the basement and foundation. It entails installing a new internal drainage system, which may include new drains and pipes as well as a reliable sump pump system, to reroute water and moisture that has already entered the basement. Interior waterproofing is less expensive and more convenient for the homeowner.

With proper design and implementation, underpinning may be used to raise structures to an acceptable height and provide vertical support to prevent excessive settling. Although there are numerous complexity to underpinning, the essential premise is simple: it is the process of strengthening and maintaining a foundation.

Your sump pump keeps your basement and house dry in the event of a flood or drainage backup. When the sump pumps are working, we can forget that we even have them. However, if you need them and they aren’t operating well, it could result in a costly basement repair.

We offer a variety of solutions for anything from little fractures that just require minor repairs to shifting foundations that have substantial damage. Even in the most unstable foundations, our staff specializes in offering innovative foundation crack repair technologies that prevent further movement.

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