Sump Pump Services

Sump Pump Services

A new and upgraded sump pump could help you find a solution to your basement moisture problems.

Water management is the process of collecting water and directing it away from a structure whether it’s inside or outside of your home. The goal is to divert water away from the house and into drainage before it stagnates and causes damage. One successful water management tool is to have a sump pump working with your interior drainage, which is constructed inside the footing perimeter and drains water to a sump pump that will then direct the water into the sewer drains.

To prevent moisture vapour from rising, sump pumps should constantly be covered. The sump pump will sit inside what is know as a sump pump pit. This sump pump pit will allow the mechanism to work unimpeded by any moisture or hydrostatic pressure that could build up. Some sump pumps will have a back up battery installed and this important to have so that your sump pump continues to pump water even when the power goes out. Perfect for cottages and homes away from your main residence. We can build a solution for your wet basement or damp crawlspace because every space is different.

Why do you really need a Sump Pump Installed?

Your sump pump is your main line of defense against a basement flood if you have a perimeter drainage system installed in your house. You can’t bet on a dry basement if your sump system isn’t strong or reliable enough. And what good is a dry area if it’s flooded? At Aquatech, we only install the highest-quality sump pump systems available in the Toronto region. We offer a solution for clogged sump pumps, power outages, excessive rain, and more!

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